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Guide to setup EvolutionX - Installing Evoltion-X Tutorial

Finding EvolutionX
Creating ISO using XISO
Burning EvolutionX ISO using NERO
Loading EvolutionX dashboard

EvolutionX is a very confusing xbox program for novice xbox modders. The reason for this confusion is because EvolutionX is actually two separate programs. It is both an alternative dashboard for the Xbox, as well as a hacked bios. The problem is that the term “EvolutionX” is often used interchangeably with the term “EvoX”. EvoX and EvolutionX are the same thing, but you won’t need to worry about installing the BIOS part of EvolutionX unless you purchase a mod chip that does not come pre-installed with a bios (such as the Matrix mod chip or X-ecuter 2 Pro mod chip).

You will however need to install the EvolutionX dashboard, regardless of which mod chip you purchase. The dashboard is what appears when you turn on your Xbox console without a disc in the disc tray. The dashboard will let you adjust system settings, including audio, video, language and memory management. The EvolutionX dashboard is an integral component to Xbox modding because in order to connect to the Xbox from your PC you must replace the default Xbox dashboard with the EvolutionX dashboard.

Finding EvolutionX

”Where do I find Evolution X?”

This is a popular question. Unfortunately, finding EvolutionX can be challenging. The reason is because it uses hacked Microsoft development code, which some contend is illegal to reproduce. The latest version is: evolutionx_beta_v1.8.3285.

The best places to look for EvolutionX are IRC, Newsgroups and Google.

Good IRC channels to check are #evolutionX, #xbins, #xbins4newbies, #xbox-ps2, and #xboxiso. If you have never used IRC, then you will want to download mIRC. You can read more about mIRC here.

As for newsgroups, I recommend using Xnews as your newsreader program. It is available here. You may also want to subscribe to a commercial newsgroup server such as The Xbox newsgroup where you should look is – You should be able to find almost any xbox related hacking program you’re looking for at this newsgroup. If you’re not familiar with newsgroups, they are one of the oldest forms of Internet file sharing, around decades before P2P networks existed. Newsgroup readers can post files, which can be downloaded in multiple parts and assembled to form a complete program. For a better introduction, try doing a google search on “newsgroup tutorials” – Newsgroups are worth learning about.

When you do find EvolutionX, it will be in one of two forms. It will either be in ISO form, or it will just be all the individual EevolutionX files standalone. If the files are standalone then you will have to convert them into ISO format. If the files are already in ISO format, then proceed to “Burning EvolutionX Dashboard”

If you have never heard of an ISO file, don’t worry. ISO’s are basically exact images of CD’s. This kind of storage is created to make sure there will be no buffer-under runs while writing CD’s using your PC. When you copy a CD, the contents of the CD will first be stored on your hard disk. (the ISO or "image" file) When the reading process is done, the CD will be burned on a cdr(w), reading it from the image file on your hard disk. But this way of storage is also the perfect way to trade cd's using the internet: Simply create an image file of your data, compress it in different volumes and let others download it. Often, when you download an ISO file you actually receive two files: a .bin and .cue file. The original extension for an ISO file used to be .ISO, but as the files became more popular, the standard has evolved to include two files: .bin and .cue files. The .bin file contains all the useful data on the CD., and the .cue file contains the table of contents. If the version of EvolutionX that you download contains both .bin and .cue files OR an .ISO file then you’re set. Just proceed to “Burning EvolutionX Dashboard”, otherwise you will have to take the individual evolutionX files and convert them to an ISO file.

The individual EvolutionX files include “default.xbe”, “evox.ini” AND two optional subdirectories: BIOS & Skins. You do not need the BIOS files if your xbox mod chip already has a BIOS pre-installed (such as X-ecuter v1.0 and X-ecuter LITE). The Skins are just graphical enhancements to the look of the evolutionX dashboard. Although you may not need either of these subdirectories. If you burn these subdirectory files to the cdrw though, it won’t hurt. They are optional.

The reason that you have to convert the EvolutionX files to an ISO format is because your Xbox uses a special “xISO” format to read the DVD’s. That’s why Xbox DVD’s can’t be read on a standard computer. You use a program called xISO to create that ISO, then burn the ISO to a CDRW. It’s in a format called “UDF” so that your Xbox can read the disc. Since the data is encoded in the UDF format, you won’t be able to view the files on your PC once they are burned to CDRW. We’ll explain that later.

So, if you need to convert your EvolutionX files to ISO format then you will need this program: XISO by Yursoft. It is one of the easiest to use. You can download it here.

Open XISO :

Go to "Tools>Make a xISO"

Select the directory on your PC Harddrive where the files are. All files in that directory and subdirectories will be added in the iso file. Include default.xbe & evox.ini (there's no need to include the "bios" & "skins" directories , but it won't hurt if you do).

Make sure there's a "default.xbe" in the root of the directory.

Then click on "Open"

Select where you want to save the xISO file. Make sure there is enough space left on your device.

Give a name for the iso file in the "File name:" form. Then click on "Save".

Once the iso file has been created , xISO will confirm.

Burning EvolutionX dashboard

Your iso file is ready, and now it’s time to burn it to a CDRW (or DVD). Do not burn the ISO file that you created to a CD-R because most xbox’s cannot read CD-R media. CDRW and DVD are best.

To burn the ISO file you will need a program called Nero. There are other programs that are popular for burning ISO files including Primo, Veritas Recordnow Max, Discjuggler, etc. However, Nero is one of the most popular, so for this tutorial instructions for Nero will be illustrated.

Nero can be used to burn CD-RWs , but newer versions of Nero will also allow you to burn DVD-R/RWs.

Start Nero.
Select "Recorder" > "Choose Recorder"

Select the burner you want to use ... and click "OK".

Now go to "File" > "Burn Image"

Browse your HD and select the .iso file , then press "Open".

Select "Write" and "Finalize CD".

Don't put "Write Speed" too high ... max 2x (or 4x if you have a quality burner) for CD-RW and 1x for DVD-R/RW.

Nero will start burning .... leave your PC alone till the CD/DVD is fully burned.

If your Xbox can't read it (make sure you have a modchip installed , duh) try :
-put disc in drive , shutdown xbox and restart.
-put disc in drive and reset xbox

Loading EvolutionX dashboard

Now, take the CDRW (or DVD+R or DVD+RW) disc that you just burned using NERO and insert it into the Xbox. Don’t worry if your PC can’t actually read any of the files on the disc. Remember, the files are encoded in a format for the Xbox.

Turn on the Xbox and allow it to boot up. It should read the disc. If it does not read the disc, it may be because the Xbox does not like the media. Xbox’s are very peculiar and they don’t all like the same discs. One brand of CDRW that works in Xbox #1, may not work with Xbox #2. If it doesn’t boot, try to burn the ISO again with at least one or two different brands of media.

The Xbox should boot up and load the EvolutionX dashboard. You will see several options after loaded. Just scroll down and select "System Utils", then select "Settings" and then scroll down to "IP". This will show you the IP of your xbox on your network. You will need this IP address in order to connect to your xbox with your PC.

Next we will connect to your Xbox using an FTP program. The most popular FTP program for xbox modders is FlashFXP. You can download it here.

Start FlashFXP. When you load FlashFXP, the screen is divided into two parts. On the left side you should get the content of your PC HDD (hard disk drive). To switch between ftp/hdd use the top button on the right side.

On the right side , click the first top button and choose "quick connect".

Connect to your Xbox
Now you will just need to fill in the IP that you got from the EvolutionX dashboard. The username is always "xbox" , the password is standard "xbox" (unless you got crazy and changed it in your evox.ini file). You may not need to enter a username and password at all, in which case just leave the port set to 21 and check off "Anonymous". Hit "Apply", then "Connect" and you should be in!

Backup your Xbox harddrive
This is a VERY important part. You want to be sure that you have a backup of your original Xbox in case anything gets screwed up. Don’t worry, usually everything is cool, but just in case. On the leftside (PC harddrive) go somewhere with at least 300MB of free space. Then select "C" & "E" on the right side. Next, right-click and select "transfer". This may take a little while depending on the speed of your local network.

Enter the C directory on the Xbox harddrive (right side).

The last file should be xboxdash.xbe.

IMPORTANT:: if you have a special "hacked" bios that boots evoxdash.xbe or yboxdash.xbe instead of xboxdash.xbe you will need to make a small change to this guide. But, if you have an X-ecuter mod chip with a standard BIOS, then just follow the rest of these instructions.

Select the xboxdash.xbe file , right-click and select "Transfer As".

Fill in "msxboxdash.xbe" and click "ok"

Now go to the directory on your PC harddrive where EvoX is. You will now have a :
* evox.ini file : make sure to open the file with notepad and configure all the settings (most important your network settings).
* default.xbe : rename this file to xboxdash.xbe

When finished, transfer these 2 files to your C drive on the Xbox HDD.
Evox.ini will just copy and for xboxdash.xbe it will ask if you want to overwrite the file , say "yes".
You don't have to transfer the "skin" & "bios" directory. "skin" is used if you want to install new skins for EvoX , if u don't copy the skin directory you will just get the default skin.
The "bios" directory is only needed if you will flash your onboard bios (tutorial) later on. (most people with a modchip won't use this).
note: It doesn't harm thought if u move both the skins & bios directory to the C drive of your xbox.

Now go back where you transfered msxboxdash.xbe on your PC harddrive. And retransfer the file (with it's new filename) to the C of your xbox harddrive. (this will allow you to go the original microsoft dashboard from the evolutionx dashboard).
This is how your C drive on your Xbox should look like. Your drive will probably not have the "backup" directory unless you already installed evox before.

xboxdash.xbe is the default.xbe from the EvoX release
msxboxdash.xbe is the old xboxdash.xbe from your C xboxdrive.
evox.ini is coming from the EvoX release

Remove the CD , turn off your xbox and restart.
It should now boot up to the EvolutionX dashboard.
If it doesn't work your xbox isn't doomed , you can still access the the xbox harddrive with the CD. (and if needed restore with the backup of C & E you made).

Got something to say? Have you read something on this website that seems unclear or incorrect?  Is there some information that you believe I should post? Your comments are very important. I want to keep our visitors educated and informed about the world of xbox hacking. Please send me an e-mail. I welcome all comments and feedback.
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